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Mattress Information

Almost every day for 25 years now, someone has asked me about mattresses and which one they should buy. Each time I come across anything that appears to qualify as research, I frequently find a disclaimer at the end of the article indicating that Sealey or Simmons, or some other mattress manufacturer contributed money or funded the study. Of course, this takes their “so called research” and invalidates it due to potential bias of the examiner.

Next the patient will ask what type of bed I sleep in. Well, just a couple of years ago I went on a search to find a new bed for myself. I looked at all the gimmicks and gadgets, everyone had something special. So, as a good consumer I started to ask about guarantees, only two (2) companies had a “real guarantee,” i.e. money back. All the others would allow you to select another of their mattresses and charge you additionally for that model, restocking, etc. (I thought that was an up sell or a rental)

I found that most patients do not think of their back as dynamic (ever changing). Your spine has different support needs from your day to day. If you spend all day on your feet and then you end up spending a few days sitting all day, your support needsoften change.

The two mattress systems that had a money back guarantee were Tempurpedic (60-day trial) and Select Comfort (60-day trial). I purchased the Select Comfort because of its ability to adjust to my daily support needs, rather than me adjusting to the bed. I receive no remuneration or special treatment for giving testimony or recommending any bed, if fact, they do not even know how I feel about their bed.

The Tempurpedic mattress, which is used by quite a few patients and friends has also been well received and seems very supportive. One of my patients (my daughter), put a Tempurpedic “topper” (pad) on top of her Select Comfort mattress, it was great!

We have found that the “knock-off” (imitation) high density foams do not justify the initial savings. They breakdown quickly and you end up needing a replacement sooner.

While both of these mattress systems are expensive, a good night’s sleep and a healthy back can certainly save you a lot of money over the years.

Select Comfort (Sleep-number bed) 1-877-879-4270

Tempurpedic 1-800-499-1823

Resource on Sleep Difficulties: The Promise of Sleep, William Dement, PhD.

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