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Chiropractors in Bowie : Holding Chiropractic

What to Expect

Holding Chiropractic Clinic , 4345 Northview Drive

4345 Northview Drive, Bowie, MD

We want all of our patients to benefit from the quality care that we provide at Holding Chiropractic. Our dedicated staff is here to greet you with their friendly smiles and will make you feel like one of the family as soon as you walk through our door.

Your First Visit to Our Bowie Practice

The purpose of your consultation visit with is to get to know each other and build a partnership that will help in your journey toward true health and wellness. We want to make sure chiropractic is right for you. If after your consultation you and the doctor are convinced that chiropractic is the right choice for your health care needs, a thorough examination will be completed. This will help us identify the cause of your problem and get you started on the road towards better health.

If you’ve already completed your admitting paperwork, great, bring it with you to your first visit. If not we ask that you arrive a few minutes early to your appointment so we can get all of the necessary information about you and your health before you meet .

 During your first visit, we do a lot of listening.

During your first visit, we do a lot of listening.

Chiropractors in Bowie that Listen

During our review of your health history, we will ask you a few questions but will mostly do a lot of listening. Listening is the most important key to determining if chiropractic care is the best solution for your health concerns.

A Partnership Approach

The consultation also gives you an opportunity to tour our Bowie office, interview Dr. Holding and learn a bit more about chiropractic. Since ours is a partnership approach to better health, it’s important that you’re comfortable with the personalities, procedures and policies of our office. The consultation is a great way to find that out.

The Next Step

We feel confident that chiropractic can help you, but if we don’t think we can help, we’ll be honest with you. If we agree that chiropractic will help, we can proceed to the next step, which is a thorough examination.

Spinal problems rarely get better on their own. Call our Bowie chiropractic office today to get started with chiropractic care!

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